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Their most recent album, This Open Road, features 10 songs penned by Beth Kille and embellished by her bandmates, featuring styles from Americana, to metal, to Gaelic-rock as well as an a capella piece. Song titles like, “Drive in the Dark,” “Faster,” “Stuck” and “One Way Road”  capture bits of the band’s adventures in making this record.  

Beth Kille Band

Stark Raving Songbird (EP): This was the first official “Beth Kille Band” release. Prior to this album, Kille had a rotating cast of characters backing her at shows and on records. This album features the members of the BKB core: Beth, Michael Tully (guitar), Michael Mood (bass) and Tony Kille (drums). “Radio”,

Hear “Wrong Side of Gone

Radio is a 5 song EP showcasing Beth Kille Band’s diversity in style, featuring tracks from the hard-hitting rant, “Radio” to the poppy, optimistic “Sound Track of My Life.”

Take a listen to “Front Step

Dust (2012)

This album is a compilation of tunes written from 2005 through 2010. It was odd for Kille to put so many “old” songs on a new album but when she became a mom in 2011 her songwriting wheels slowed a bit. It worked out nicely though, as she had a lot of songs that she wanted to share that never quite made it onto an album; as well as a few that were previously recorded that morphed into “new” tunes as she played them live over the previous years that needed a new voice. The songs were composed, literally all over the world, from Wisconsin to Texas, to Australia; and the topics run the gamut; rebellion, heartbreak, anger, triumph and happiness.

Beth Kille - Ready

Kille recorded this album while pregnant with her son, Gus. The title track is a declaration of her readiness to embrace motherhood and rise to the challenges of balancing life as a musician and mom. After returning from her one-year stint in 2008-2009 in Texas, Kille had no official band members so she enlisted the help of many talented friends and producer-engineer Jake Johnson at Paradyme Productions to make this ten-song album.

<<<<<<<<<< Listen to “Feel My Love” <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

This Beautiful Beast (EP, 2009)

This Beautiful Beast (EP, 2009) was recorded mainly in Kille’s apartment. This was the first attempt at a solo recording after Clear Blue Betty split in 2008. Many of these tunes were re-recorded later with higher production quality. This EP contains Kille’s infamous “Chapstick” song.

Listen to “Whatever You Need

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Gin, Chocolate & Bottle Rockets (EP)

This EP was recorded shortly after Kille joined forces with Shawndell Marks and Jen Farley to form Gin, Chocolate & Bottle Rockets. These demo recordings gave the trio some press kit materials and helped them share their tunes with their new fans.

“Be Your Own Superhero”


Listen to Lean: GCBR’s first official full-length album won Folk-Americana Album of the Year in 2019 at the Madison Area Music Association Awards and features Beth Kille, Shawndell Mark and Jen Farley’s tight three-part harmonies.

Gin, Chocolate and Bottle Rockets

“Wildflowers”, written by Dolly Parton

Always Face the Sun

Written and recorded during the depths of the pandemic (2021), this surprisingly optimistic album arose from rough song snippets Kille and Kjelland sent back and forth mostly via email.

Listen to “Waste of Mind


When touring to promote their original holiday music from their North Star Session album, Kille and Kjelland created their own renditions of Christmas classics, so they decided to put out a holiday cover tunes record in 2016. Ranging from a 6/8 time version of Jingle Bells to a reggae Santa Baby, these recordings offer a new spin on some old tunes, like “Let it Snow

Beth’s very first studio album - Never Been a Rebel

This experience was a joyful one with her beloved bandmates Doug Sies, Rob Koth and Tony Kille and resulted in this full length album (2004) produced and recorded by Jake Johnson at Paradyme Productions.

The Comet Boy Band

Comet Boy: The Musical written by Jackie Bradley and friends includes powerful narration and original songs reflecting Bradley’s journey with a dear friend through a mental health journey that ended in suicide. The purpose was to shine a light on the need for suicide prevention. This album captures all the tunes from the production and is not a trudge through sadness, but a showcase of happy, humorous and sad times which ends on a note of hope. Bradley collaborated with Kille and many others to bring this production to life

Find all this music on:
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and other streaming platforms!

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